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By: “Dan Dan,” age 19

College isn’t meant for everyone. There are some people who are more physical learners. They might prefer to learn things by hand and not by sitting down for hours, like me, for instance.

I started college, but I didn’t continue, because I don’t like sitting and listening. I prefer to do things with my hands. I went to college to study how to become an electrician. A few months into the semester, though, I made the decision to not attend anymore because I discovered my personal learning style.

I liked doing “hands-on” projects. It was interesting and easy for me. During classes/lectures, I didn’t do so well. I preferred to do the hands-on work we were assigned. I passed the projects where “hands-on” work was required. I quickly figured out that I would be happier if I could do this kind of work all the time instead of sitting in class.

It is not a requirement to go to college to get a good paying job, it all depends on what you want to do with your life. Some jobs require college degrees, and others do not. Yes, it might sound better, but if you truly aren’t interested in college, you don’t need to go. You can still get a well-paying job and put your heart in it to be successful.